Don’t Miss La Bohème Tonight!

The storms have passed, and the show goes on!  The only thunder we anticipate tonight is one more standing ovation for St. Pete Opera’s La bohème at the Palladium. Click here to get tickets to see the final performance of this lively, passionate presentation of Puccini’s classic with Maestro Mark Sforzini.

Two French couples exhibit different modes of communication, common in any era!
Two French couples exhibit different modes of communication, common in any era!

The Times called it

“a lovely retelling of a classic, well-cast and more than ably sung. While Puccini’s score deservedly carries the mantle, a libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa — and, before that, an 1846 episodic novel by Frenchman Henri Murger on which it was based (Scenes of Bohemian Life) — seems worthy of mention every hundred years or so. Bohème reminds everyone of everyone’s youth, artistically wasted or otherwise. They paint and write poetry and make wreaths out of artificial flowers. They drink too much and are late on the rent. They share secrets and lean on others for support.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 7:30pm

TICKETS:  Tier A $67 / Tier B $52 / Tier C $37 / Tier D $22

Sung in Italian with English surtitles.

Sponsored by Lee and Jan Davisson

A poet. A seamstress. A painter. A singer. A musician. A philosopher.

Is it any wonder these “bohemians” are broke and penniless? It gives new meaning to Starving Artists! Luckily, in early 19th century Paris, true love isn’t measured in money.

Mimi and Musetta are the girls they can’t resist, but love is tested by Mimi’s fatal disease. Puccini’s score is filled with familiar, soaring melodies – there’s a reason this opera has been an audience favorite since it was premiered in 1896. The world premiere of La bohème was in Turin in February 1896, conducted by the young Arturo Toscanini. Since then, La bohème has become part of the standard opera repertory and is one of the most frequently performed operas. Join us for one of the most beautiful love stories ever told.

All differences are put aside and true natures come forward to comfort Mimi.


Rodolfo – a poet who shares a Paris flat with three artists
Kyle Tomlin
(Russell Andrade, cover)

Mimi – a seamstress who falls for her neighbor Rodolfo
Danielle Talamantes
(Maria Leatitia cover)

Marcello – a painter, in a turbulent relationship with Musetta
Jesse Stock
(Alexander Boyd, cover)

Musetta – a singer whose coquettish manner
gets her into trouble with her boyfriend Marcello.
Michelle Seipel
(Melissa Primavera, cover)

Schaunard – a musician also living in the flat
Daniel Scofield
(Jay Lucas Chacon, cover)

Colline – the philosopher flat-mate
Jeremy Milner
(John Short, cover)

Benoit – their landlord
Alex Adams-Leytes
(Andrew Emery, cover)

Alcindoro – a state councillor who escorts Musetta
Alex Adams-Leytes
(Andrew Emery, cover)

Parpignol – a toy vendor
Russell Andrade

Customs Sergeant
Blake Hudson

Adult and Youth Choruses

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