Cast Bio: Michelle Rego – Cinderella’s Stepmother

Michelle Rego, pianist, flutist, organist, lyric soprano, and choral conductor, is the Director of Liturgy and Music at Saint Mary, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Saint Petersburg, after serving at the Cathedral of Saint Jude in that same city for over 10 years.

Michelle holds degrees in music and liturgy from the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, and the University of Notre Dame.

She has been a performing member of the Saint Petersburg Opera Company since 2006, singing principal, comprimario, understudy and choral roles, and serving in the past as Artistic Administrator.

She is a frequent recitalist, accompanist, and consultant to churches in the area of worship and music.  Michelle is also a published author, a recording artist, and a wife and mother.