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Creative Collaborations

7:30pm March 9

Professional musicians from South and Central Florida come together for a unique evening of chamber music, the theatrical work A Soldier’s Tale by Stravinsky, jazzy numbers by Lloyd Goldstein, bassist, a variety of bassoon quartets and the Victor Ewald Brass Quintet No. 1.

L'Histoire du Soldat (A Soldier's Tale)
by Igor Stravinsky

L’Histoire du Soldat (A Soldier’s Tale) by Igor Stravinsky.  A Soldier’s Tale is based on a parable of a soldier who trades his fiddle to the devil in return for unlimited economic gain. 
Soldier, Matt Acquard
Devil, Paula Broadwater
Narrator, Karl Hesser
Maestro Sforzini conducts a seven piece instrumental accompaniment to this staged production with a dancer. 

Premiere table seating $40 General admission $25

Matt Acquard

Paula Broadwater

Karl Hesser