Kiss Me, Kate Auditions

St. Petersburg Opera announces AUDITIONS for select roles in KISS ME KATE

Mark Sforzini Artistic Director
Daryl Gray, Director/Choreographer
ehearsals begin January 3, 2019
Show dates: February 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10, 2019
All positions paid. Housing provided for out of town artists.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 1:30pm – 4:00pm and 4:15pm – 6:45pm
FRIDAY AUGUST 17, 10:30am – 1:00pm and 2:00pm – 4:30pm

New York City at Studios 353, 353 W. 48th Street, Manhattan


SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 1:00pm – 3:00pm and 3:30pm – 5:30pm

St. Petersburg Opera / 2145 First Avenue South, St. Petersburg, Florida

To secure a time slot, please email St. Petersburg Opera Artistic Administrator, Michael Roberts by August 8th. A pianist will be provided. Please provide your resume and headshot and indicate which role(s), dates and times you prefer for your audition.

Candidates for specific parts will sing first. Those asked to stay on will dance, then possibly read dialogue. You should be prepared to stay for the entire 2 – 2.5 hour time slot. Vocal ensemble will sing and possibly do some movement. Ensemble dancers will dance first in groups and may be asked to sing afterwards,

Michael Roberts, SPO Artistic Administrator


Please arrive 15 minutes before your call to sign in with the monitor. Be prepared with16 – 32 bars of a Broadway song that best shows off your voice and warmed up for dancing. Jazz shoes or dance sneakers for men and/or heels for the ladies.

The roles of Lilli/Kate and Fred/ Petruchio have already been cast. The following roles are available:

  • Lois Lane—20-30, female, strong mezzo belter and dancer. Triple threat. A lively and saucy night club singer in her first featured role on stage. She is the quintessential airhead ingénue but with lots of charisma and charm. She also is Bill’s girlfriend and plays Bianca in The Shrew.
  • Bill Calhoun—20-35, Triple threat dancer, Tenor or Baritone, dancing. He is a ne’er-do-well, happy go lucky actor who has a gambling problem. Lois’s Boyfriend. He also plays Lucentio in The Shrew.
  • Gremio– 20’s/30’s- triple threat dancer, Baritone or Tenor, featured part in Shrew as a suitor to Bianca as well as in backstage numbers and some ensemble
  • Hortensio – Same as Gremio above with different style and personality
  • Hattie – any age -Mezzo/belter – but should move well, leading lady’s (Lilly’s) dresser with solo featured parts in Another Openin’ and Too Darn Hot
  • Paul – 20’s -40’s Tenor or Baritone with strong vocals -prefer a triple threat or great contemporary jazz dancer also. Leading man’s (Fred’s) dresser. Staring featured part in Too Darn Hot number.
  • Gangster – 30- 60’s Comic Baritone or Tenor, classic big city tough guy who appears in Shrew. Must move well or dance. Possible soft shoe…
  • Gangster 2 – same as above but uniquely different than his partner, dry and witty.
  • Harry Trevor/ Baptista – 50’s -60’s Actor in backstage scenes and plays Baptista (the father of Katherine and Bianca) in Shrew. May sing some ensemble.
  • Harrison Howell – -50’s plus Actor. Dignified over the top gentleman from Georgia, very political, sometimes played as a general or retired officer that is egoistic and self centered.
  • Ralph—Any age, sings in the ensemble in “Too Darn Hot” and “Another Op’nin’, Another Show”, some dancing. He is the stage manager of the show and sings in the ensemble.
  • Haberdasher—Any age, can be played by a woman. An actor who sings in the ensemble throughout and plays the Haberdasher in The Shrew.
  • Nathaniel, Gregory, and Phillip—Any age. Actors who sing in the ensemble throughout and play Petruchio’s man servants in The Shrew.
  • Dance Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble – Actors, stage crew, wardrobe, etc, who dance and/or sing in the ensemble throughout, both in modern day and in The Shrew. Many opportunities for small sung and danced solos. Some of the many small roles have names such as Truckman, Banker, Chauffeur, Singing Girls, Messenger and Cab Driver.