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  • For 10 years, the Palladium has presented the best in cultural programming for and by the community – music including jazz, blues, folk, gospel, bluegrass, Latin, classical and opera, plus original programming featuring dance and drama.

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    The purpose of the Guild is exclusively (1) to provide education and to encourage young talent throughout the state of Florida through vocal competitions and educational sponsorship of the St. Petersburg Opera Company, and (2) to build an appreciative audience and to support and promote the St. Petersburg Opera Company.

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    Whether you’re looking for a starter piano, or the Steinway Grand of your dreams, The Music Gallery has the best piano values available from the most famous manufacturers in every price range…

    The Music Gallery is entering it’s 7th year as the performance venue for St. Petersburg Opera’s popular Evenings with the Maestro Series.

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    Thank you to our advertisers!

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    UBS Financial Services In. Thank you to our advertisers!

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    Thank you to Doyle Wealth Management Inc.  for being a 9th Season Sponsor and Proud Supporter of the St. Petersburg Opera Company

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    Your Neighborhood Restaurant & Martini Bar Thank you to our advertisers!

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    Ric Castro is dedicated to developing new, innovative, creative styles to suit all and proudly supports St Pete Opera.

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    Welcome to the healthy way to eat on the go! Featuring all-natural and organic foods. Thank you to our advertisers.

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    Oh, the possibilities with Matter Brothers Furniture. A huge thank you to our advertisers.

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    For all your dining, banquet and catering needs, we strive to give you a memorable performance. Proud supporter of the St Petersburg Opera.

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    Delicious treats that will have you coming back for more! Thank you to our advertisers!

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    Our mission is to create greater interest in opera and musical theater in the Tampa Bay area. We accomplish this goal through several means. The Pinellas Opera League and the Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall offer a moderately priced series of talks at the Institute, entitled “Adventures in Opera and Musical Theater”. These lectures are both educational and entertaining, and consist of opera highlights, narratives, and live performances by young singers, dancers or musicians. We also provide pre-opera speakers before any operatic event at Ruth Eckerd Hall.

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    Pizza. Passion. Perfection. A great place to go after the show! Thanks to our advertisers.

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    Bray Industries, the design and development team responsible for this website, has been providing high-quality website design, development and graphic design since 1996.

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    Trust is at the heart of our banking leadership.

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    Every day, the Tampa Bay Times delivers stories about the amazing people in our community and the arts that matter to you. Proud supporter of the St Petersburg Opera Company.

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