Music in Motion/Opera Idol

Music in Motion (MIM) is one of the many components of the St Petersburg Opera educational program.  Started in 2010, Music in Motion was created to expand the minds of local aspiring singers; focusing on phasing, shaping, color, approach, musical line and direction in music from the operatic literature.  Selected participants will have the opportunity to work first hand with Maestro Sforzini on their selected pieces, in addition to observing his sessions with each performer covering an array of arias, composers and styles.  As the culmination of the 7-master class program, participants will perform in the St. Petersburg Opera Idol.  A spectacular evening of performances showcasing what each participant has learned and observed through the program.  The winner is selected by the audience, and ‘reigns’ until the following Opera Idol. MIM has also expanded its opportunities to local guest artists to sing as ensembles, working first hand with Maestro Sforzini allowing the participants to observe his approach and expertise in ensemble preparation.  Guest artists also get the privilege to block the scene with Maestro Sforzini, as well as perform for the audience at the Opera Idol while votes are being counted.


Congratulations to our 2013 Opera Idol

Abby Colburn

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Opera Idol Champions:

Josh Quinn (2010, Inaugural Opera Idol)

Amy Hartsough (2011)

Ruthie Vaughn Nelson (2011)

Eileen Vanessa Rodriguez (2012)

Aleksandra Ritums (2012)

Abby Colburn (2013)
Rachael Marino (2014) St. Pete Opera Idol
Chris Romeo (2014) Sun City Opera Idol


Opera Idol Guest Artists 2012:

Rim Karnavicius, Eileen Vanessa Rodriguez, Melissa Misener and Chris Romeo

perform the final act quartet from Rigoletto while votes are counted.

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Former Opera Idols Vanessa Rodriguez and Alek Ritums congratulation Abby Colburn (center)