Volunteer Opportunities

Love opera but can’t sing a note? Not to worry, we can use your other talents! Your enjoyment of the productions is magnified when you are part of the production team or involved in preparing for the production. We’ve got all kinds of jobs you can do and we rely on volunteers to keep our operating costs down.

Some of the ways you can help:

  • Usher for non-Palladium events
  • Help distribute literature and sell tickets at Saturday Morning Market and other events
  • Drive out of town singers to and from the airport
  • Provide housing or a vehicle for out of town singers
  • Help copy markings in musical scores
  • Write copy for the newsletters
  • Take photos at our events that we can use in our literature and on the website
  • Help sell ads for the programs
  • Help contact groups for ticket sales
  • Sewing and alterations on costumes; help as a dresser at performances
  • Provide snacks and water for the singers’ “green” room for rehearsals and performances
  • Address invitations and take reservations for events.

This is just a sampling of ideas for ways in which you might become involved. Email shellman@stpeteopera.org or call Susan Hellman Spatafora at 727-823-2040 to discuss your idea or to volunteer. Many of our jobs can be done at your home or in our offices.