Creative Collaborations. March 13 and 14 at Opera Central. It’s exactly what the name suggests: A one-of-a-kind musical experience in which different genres converge – in which musicians who might not normally perform together do so, in new and sometimes unprecedented configurations. Last spring’s Creative Collaborations included a bassoon quartet, a double bass and banjo duet, a moving piano and violin duet and a full reading – with Maestro Sforzini conducting – of Stravinsky’s multi-disciplinary work A Soldier’s Tale, blending a small orchestra, acting, narration and dance. It might be the most exciting – and unpredictable – musical event of the entire season! Says the Maestro: “We’re never entirely sure what’s going to happen at Creative Collaborations. But with the best professional musicians in the Tampa Bay area participating, we know it’s always going to be an exceptional evening!”

2019/2020 SEASON