Gifts of Securities and Mutual Funds

Gifts of Securities and Mutual Funds

Your gift of appreciated securities or mutual funds is a great way to give to charity. Gifts of securities include not only publicly traded stocks, but also gifts of mutual funds, treasury bills and notes, corporate and municipal bonds, and stock in non-publicly held companies.

Donors who want to donate long-term stock that has appreciated in value may receive very favorable tax treatment. Please consult your personal tax advisor about the benefits of donating securities.

Transferring Stock to SPO:
Receiving Firm Name:   UBS Financial Services Inc.
Receiving Account #: SP E5211 72
DTC#: 0221

Title of Receiving Acct: St. Petersburg Opera Co. Inc.
Name and phone number of person to contact at receiving firm: Jim Tarantino, 727-822-1979

Please also notify Chris Green at 727-823-2040, ext. 2 or email   Please include donor’s name, mutual fund/stock name and number of shares, and the name of the broker making the transfer.