Mirella Virtual Gallery

A virtual tour of the Mirella gallery exhibit.

Visiting the Gallery:

Up to 5 visitors at a time, mask required, temperature check at the entrance. You can also visit Tue/Wed/Thu 1:00 to 4:00pm or by appointment:

727 543-9190 – mirella.cimato@gmail.com

Dale Leifeste, Artist

Exhibit by  International Artistic Photographer, Dale Leifeste, St. Petersburg born.

Visions of nature by means of film-based and digital photography, digital imaging, photo etching, silicone intaglio.

Dale Leifeste’s photographic exhibition, Floral Derangements, is a meditation on the life and death of leaves and flowers. Ironically, it is in their death that leaves grab our attention, as they emerge from their green obscurity into brilliant warm colors, and fall to the ground, where they slowly crumble and return to the earth. The leaves have usually been photographed where they’ve landed, some in their fall colors, and others in the stark black and white that captures their final skeletal shapes. Mixed among the leaves and shadows are a few reminders of our present pandemic. In contrast, the flowers have largely been moved out of nature, and into the studio, ready for their close-ups, playing their role in still life, and finally also shriveling and dying, leaving a sculptural reminder of a brief life.