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Opera Central Hosts “Way Beyond Water”

Jan Neuberger’s Way Beyond Water at the OC! On Thursday, August  1,  Jan Neuberger’s  new play Way Beyond Water was the latest production by a local playwright to have a public stage reading at Opera Central. We were honored to host Jan and her cast! Call Chris Green at (727) 823-2040, ext. 7, to learn

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Maestro’s Premium Blend Trio at MFA Sunday​

Featuring Maestro Mark Sforzini on bassoon, clarinetist Brian Moorhead and pianist Justin Havard, playing music by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Glinka and Strauss – as well as the Sforzini Concerto for Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano.

“Brian and I sat next to each other for 15 years as principal bassoon and principal clarinet in the Florida Orchestra,” Maestro reflects. “The two of us developed great trust and respect for each other through the years. You can become very attuned to the person next to you, and we often breathed and shaped phrases as one.”

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On the Town: How Opera Singers Prepare for a Masterpiece Show

Bay News 9 Reports in ST PETERSBURG, Fla. —  Singers can use their voices as their instruments and opera singers in St. Petersburg are preparing for the tragic masterpiece “Madama Butterfly.” Singers use special techniques to prepare for long shows  Madama Butterfly runs Friday to Sunday at the Palladium Songs will be sang in a different

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Meet our ‘Butterfly,’ Zoya Gramagin

In the other St. Petersburg – the one in Russia – the local music critic praised Zoya Gramagin as “a true Verdian soprano, [with] fascinating richness of the voice and fiery musicality.” The native of Moscow who sings spinto dramatic repertoire with warm, inviting Slavic colors has drawn praise since her first full production, in The

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