Fri Oct 18, 2019 - Tue Oct 22, 2019

The Merry Widow (Lehár). Oct. 18, 20, 22 at the Palladium Theater. Glamorous widow Hanna Glawari is worth 20 million francs, which the scheming Pontevedean ambassador, Baron Zeta, wants to keep in the country. Of her prospective suitors, only Count Danilo holds the key to Hanna’s heart – through a series of misunderstandings, jealous rages, comic interludes and moments of unbridled passion, The Merry Widow takes them – and the audience – from elegant parties to the intimate inner recesses of the human heart. In English with projected text above the stage.

Performed at the Palladium Theatre

Performed in English with projections above the stage; English version by Ted & Deena Puffer

Merry Widow Sponsors

Gloria Matyszyk

Dick Caldwell

Mark Sforzini

Artistic Director

Adam Cioffari

Stage Director

Featured Artists

Kelli Butler

Hanna Glawari, The Merry Widow

Jesse Donner

Count Danilo, her former lover

Catie Shelley

Valencienne, the Baron's wife

Pedro Barbosa

Camille, admirer of the Baroness

Also Starring

John Seesholtz

Baron Zeta, the Ambassador

Matthew McGee

Njegus, Embassy Secretary

John-Andrew Fernandez

Vicomte Cascada, Latin Diplomat

Dylan Morrongiello

St. Brioche, French Diplomat

2019/2020 SEASON