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June 7-11, 2024

A forbidden romance is kindled in Scotland’s Lammermoor Castle. Despite their clans’ age-old feud, Lucia and Edgardo, fall deeply in love and vow to marry. Lucia’s brother, Enrico, has promised her hand in marriage to a wealthy nobleman to save the family’s fortune. Desperate to ensure Lucia goes through with the wedding, Enrico tricks her into believing Edgardo has betrayed her, leading to a devastating turn of events that ultimately drives Lucia to madness.

Sung in Italian with English translations projected above the stage.


Normanno, head huntsman of House Stark, has been sent with his men by Enrico, master of Ravenswood, to apprehend an intruder who has been seen on the castle grounds. Enrico arrives and shares with Normanno his apprehension about his family’s declining power and fortune. He plans to coerce his sister, Lucia, into anadvantageous marriage with Arturo of House Arryn, the only person who can assist Enrico in overcoming his political rival, Edgardo, the former master of Ravenswood and House Greyjoy of the Iron Islands. However, Lucia is adamantly opposed to the marriage, and Normanno tells Enrico that Lucia has been secretly meeting Edgardo, with whom she is in love.

Lucia and her maid Alisa, waits for her rendezvous with Edgardo by the heart tree in the Godswood. Although Alisa encourages her to abandon Edgardo, Lucia ignores her. When Edgardo arrives, he proposes to reconcile with Enrico and ask for Lucia’s hand in marriage, but Lucia insists that their engagement be kept a secret. They exchange rings as a symbol of their love, and Edgardo tells Lucia he will be away for a time, but he will write to her.

However, months pass and the devious Normanno has intercepted all of Edgardo’s letters to Lucia. He also presents a forged document addressed to Lucia, purportedly from Edgardo, stating that he loves another. Lucia then crumbles when Enrico threatens himself bodily harm if she does not comply with his demands. He describes the dire fate which will befall him if she refuses to marry Arturo. Despairing, Lucia signs the marriage contract.

Lucia’s bridegroom Arturo arrives, but so does Edgardo, claiming Lucia as his bride. When Raimondo, the cleric of the Starks, shows him the signed marriage contract, Edgardo forsakes Lucia and is held captive by Enrico and his men.


After the wedding of Lucia and Arturo, Enrico seeks out Edgardo and challenges him to a duel to end their feud once and for all. He taunts Edgardo with the reminder that Lucia now belongs to another, and they agree to fight at dawn.

Meanwhile, the wedding celebration continues with guests toasting the marriage of Arturo and Lucia, but they are interrupted when Raimondo enters with the news that Lucia has stabbed Arturo to death. Lucia then enters, bathed in blood, dagger in hand, envisioning her forthcoming marriage to Edgardo. Enrico returns from his meeting with Edgardo and is furious with Lucia for ruining his plans. When he realizes his actions have driven her to madness, he is overcome with remorse. Lucia loses consciousness and dies later that evening.

Edgardo awaits his duel with Enrico, but discovers Lucia has tragically died, as her funeral cortege enters the Ravenswood tomb. He is inconsolable and stabs himself, vowing he will meet his beloved in heaven.


Gaetano Donizetti


Salvadore Cammarano


Mark Sforzini


Claudia McCorkle & BEAU

Tampa Bay Times

Run Time

2 hours 45 minutes with a 20-minute intermission.

Principal Cast

Chelsea Lehnea

as Lucia

Ben Werley

as Edgardo

Kyle Oliver

as Enrico

Andrew Allan Hiers

as Raimondo

Chris Romeo

as Arturo

Jordan Blair

as Alisa

Kevin D. Mitchell, Jr.

as Normanno

Creative Team

Mark Sforzini


Grant Preisser

Stage Director

Keith Arsenault

Lighting Designer
* St. Pete Opera artist debut

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