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Broadway Cabaret

Enjoy the captivating fusion of opera and musical theater in our intimate Broadway Cabaret shows. Experience exhilarating interpretations of cherished Broadway hits, ranging from iconic showstoppers, heartfelt ballads, and classical character studies to the most contemporary gems from musical theater, all performed by Alcina and Turandot cast members


Princess Turandot shows no mercy to those who seek her hand in marriage. Suitors travel from distant lands only to face three impossible riddles, with failure meaning death. When the exiled Prince Calaf falls for Turandot, he accepts her deadly challenge head-on. To Turandot’s dismay, he succeeds; but Calaf offers a way out of the marriage by giving Turandot a riddle of his own. Prevailing where others have failed, can Calaf melt Turandot’s icy heart?

Sung in Italian with English translations above the stage.

Mornings With the Maestro

Whether you are new to opera, a seasoned aficionado, or somewhere in between - you will love our Mornings with the Maestro series. Before each mainstage opera, join Maestro Mark Sforzini and the cast from the productions for an educational, engaging, and entertaining musical overview of the opera. You will learn about the opera's music, […]

Lucia di Lammermoor

A forbidden romance is kindled in Scotland’s Lammermoor Castle. Despite their clans’ age-old feud, Lucia and Edgardo, fall deeply in love and vow to marry. Lucia’s brother, Enrico, has promised her hand in marriage to a wealthy nobleman to save the family’s fortune. Desperate to ensure Lucia goes through with the wedding, Enrico tricks her into believing Edgardo has betrayed her, leading to a devastating turn of events that ultimately drives Lucia to madness.

Sung in Italian with English translations above the stage.