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November 10-19, 2023

Fast-moving, colorful, and comical, this one-hour opera adapted from Carlo Collodi’s timeless tale includes captivating scenes and songs that highlight the opera’s heartwarming message of the importance of family, friendship, and always telling the truth. Featuring easy-to-understand English lyrics with music by Mozart, Donizetti, Offenbach, and Verdi – Pinocchio is the perfect introduction to opera for the young and the young at heart!

Geppetto, a lonely clock maker, wishes for a son of his own.

The Blue Lady (a good fairy) hears him and says, “Carve a little wooden boy and love him.” Geppetto names the little wooden boy

Geppetto is teaching Pinocchio about the world and sends him to school. On his way to school, Pinocchio meets Mr. Wolf and Mr. Cat who persuade him to skip school so he can meet Dr. Dulcamara, a puppet master.

Pinocchio doesn’t want to lie to his father about not going to school, but Wolf tells him a little lie is no big deal. Dulcamara wants to add Pinocchio to his puppet show along with his wind-up doll, Olympia.

Olympia needs too much winding and Dulcamara in a fit of rage, breaks her and throws her pieces into the trash. Pinocchio is so scared he runs home to tell his father and lies about having gone to school. His nose grows with every lie. He wishes he could make things right.

The Blue Lady returns and tells Pinocchio that to make things right, he must tell the truth.

Pinocchio tells his father everything, and they both rescue Olympia from the dump.

Pinocchio has learned his lesson and promises to always, always, always tell the truth.

Created By

John Davies


Mark Sforzini


Elaine Stupp

St. Petersburg Opera Guild

Pinellas County Schools

Irene A. Athos

Gloria Matyszyk & J. Richard Caldwell

Tampa Bay Times

Run Time

60 minutes

Principal Cast

Jada Griffin

as The Narrator

Kevin D. Mitchell, Jr.

as Geppetto

Ariel Andrew

as The Blue Lady

Pascale Spinney

as Pinocchio

Lloyd Reshard, Jr.

as Dr. Dulcamara

Patrick McNally

as Wolf

Ashley Thunder

as Cat

Creative Team

Mark Sforzini


Stephen M. Ray, Jr.

Stage Director

Evelyn-Marie Twitty

Lighting Designer
* St. Pete Opera artist debut