Volunteer Opportunities

Love opera but can’t sing a note? Not to worry, we can use your other talents! Your enjoyment of the productions is magnified when you are part of the production team or involved in preparing for the production. We’ve got all kinds of jobs you can do and we rely on volunteers to keep our operating costs down.

Some of the ways you can help:

  • Usher for non-Palladium events
  • Drive out of town singers to and from the airport
  • Provide housing for out of town singers
  • Help copy markings in musical scores and prepare them for distribution and return to publishers
  • Provide snacks and water for the singers’ “green” room for rehearsals and performances
  • Phone Calls to our Patrons and Donors for Season Subscription Renewals, Special Events, and Appreciation
  • Distribution of posters and postcards in the community to advertise upcoming events
  • Help with mass mailings, stuffing envelopes, data entry, and addressing invitations
  • Greet guests at Opera Central Series events

This is just a sampling of ideas for ways in which you might become involved.


  • Represent the Opera at Schools, Festivals and Private Events
  • Help our marketing team to find new ways to expand our presence in the community and support other groups doing the same
  • Help introduce more people to the opera through partnerships and group sales
  • Help businesses become associated with the Opera through donations (Bella Voce), partnerships, and Advertising with us

Email welcome@stpeteopera.org  or call Opera Central at 727-823-2040 to discuss your idea or to volunteer your time. Many of our jobs can be done at your home or in our offices.

If you wish to become an AMBASSADOR for the opera, please let us know!