team legato

Join the team! Team Legato – a shortcut to sustainability for SPO


Maestro Mark Sforzini is, quite rightly, the public face of St. Petersburg Opera Company. He founded the organization, 14 seasons ago, and it’s his artistic vision, enthusiasm drive and inexhaustible supply of creative new ideas that keeps us in the top tier of performing arts groups in the bay area.
Since those earliest days, Maestro Sforzini has surrounded himself with a team of professionals who see to the realization of his artistic ideas – from the marvelous, fully staged operas with the very best singers and orchestral musicians, to the exciting Broadway Cabarets, Creative Collaborations and other outstanding special performances.

So much goes on behind the scenes; many months of preparation, from contracts to costumes, from all-day rehearsals to opening-night reality!

Thanks to our Donors – and, of course, to word of mouth and the strong ticket sales that result – St. Pete Opera is able to make each show a little better, a little more special. And, quite frankly, that’s exactly where you want to be, 14 seasons in. That’s solid growth.

We’d like to invite you to join the team. Team Legato, that is, a terribly special (and terribly important) way in which donors who believe in St. Petersburg Opera Company, its mission and its future, can help us sustain things on a regular, between-show basis.
Team Legato is a shortcut to sustainability.

In musical notation, the Italian word legato means “smooth and connected.” By joining Team Legato, you’ll be ensuring that St. Pete Opera’s monthly costs are covered, during those all-important periods when Maestro and the staff are busily preparing shows. In other words, keeping operations smooth and connected. Taking care of business.

To put it simply: Bills have to be paid. Even when we don’t have a show going up, we’ve got to keep the lights on (and, of course, the A/C! This is Florida, after all).

Here’s how it works: In addition to your regular giving, you agree to donate an amount between $25 and $500 monthly for our Team Legato sustainability project. It’ll be set up as an automatic credit card deduction. Team members will receive the full benefits they would for an annual or one-time giving campaign.

Once a year, you’ll be invited to a lunch with the SPO staff – giving us the chance to tell you, in person, just how important your Team Legato gift – the gift of sustainability and smooth operations – means to us!